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Skill Building

Meetup events, crash courses, and classes are 100% my thing.  Lets skill build together!  I make a monthly goal to attend 1-3 events.

  • UX Night: Designing to build trust
  • UX Night:  Human centered copy writing
  • Product School:  How to not be boring in technical public speaking
  • San Francisco:  The Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival
  • Silicon Valley Design Gurus, Airbnb, Medium, Lyft share their secrets
  • UX Night:  Visualizing information with Linh Pham
  • WoodThumb:  How to make a 6 pack holder
  • Autodesk:  Fastlane to the future
  • Autodesk:  Turn your photos into 3D models with Tinkercad, fusion 360
  • UX Night:  Designing great UI icons with Robert Padbury
  • Designing Your Habits for Productivity
  • Design Thinking Crash Course
  • UX Night:  Designing & Prototyping Mobile Apps
  • UX Night: Mentor Night
  • 2016 & Beyond:  Color & Design Trends
  • UX Design for Early-Stage Startups
  • Designers + Geeks:  Popular vs Brilliant
  • Unsplash Meetup – SF Photographer Meetup
Watch COllection

The few accessories guys can swap around.  I have 16 watches and counting.

Outdoor & Travel

I try to stay healthy – at least look the part when I'm not lounging with a bottle of craft beer. Find me fishing, hiking, snowboarding, kayaking, traveling abroad.

Festivals & Shows

Music & art is so crucial in my life.  I love surrounding myself with an event or artists' craft that creates lasting emotions / memories.

  • Shows & Museums:  Pop up Magazine
  • Concerts / Venues:  Lido, DASU, Oh Wonder, Stwo, Kygo, Odesza, Glass Animals
  • Festivals:  Coachella, Life is Beautiful, Outsidelands, BFD, Warp


4 years professionally designing in California.  Discover the skills and thrills.




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