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Deliver your moment's best. The most optimal time to practice being your prime is now. Every action correlates to a net result on an organizational brand. My goal is to always put out my best work out to ensure my team is represented at their greatest potential today.





Send perfectly personalized photo gifts and cards.  A leading internet-based imaging publishing company.



Graphic Designer            Silicon Valley



NerdWallet offers financial tools and objective advice to help consumers make the best decision.  A private financial tech company.



Visual Designer            San Francisco



Architecture, engineering, construction, operations and management:  AECOM.  Fortune's most admired & top largest arch. firm in America.



Design Strategist               San Francisco

UC Davis Engineering


A nation leading University and department comprised of

11 majors:  mechanical, aerospace, computer science, etc.



Graphic Designer               Davis



LEVIS Visual Merchandising Manual (VM) One of my favorite client opportunities with AECOM. After reviewing the needs of the Levi's audience and creating a Levi's Store Design Manual, this was our next partnership to establish unified standards for all aspects of VM Levis: mannequins placement, folding, general layout, etc. This document would be a guide at all 2800+ operated stores, world-wide.

MOnica THomas

Lake Forest College            Associate Manager, Internet Marketing              Shutterfly Inc.

"Edison is a breath of fresh air to work with. His innovative design and positive energy creates a work relationship that produces results in an enjoyable and effective manner."

4 years professionally designing in California.  Discover the skills and thrills.




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